Welcome to EarleFlorence.com

Welcome to the Web site of Earle Florence, Arizona architect and artist.

If you are visiting here for the first time, please take a few minutes to browse through Earle's exceptionally creative fine art, including watercolors, line drawings and mixed media. Much of the original art is available for purchase, and fine art cards showing many of his works are also available. While you are here, check out Earle's beautifully illustrated children's books, which should be available in the near future.

If you are a return visitor, you may want to start with the News page, where you will find information about Earle's recent work, his art shows, and the progress being made toward publishing his children's books.

If you wish to purchase any of the art or books shown on this Web site, please contact Earle Florence by E-mail.

About Earle's Fine Art

Earle draws from memory and his imagination. He begins each drawing with no certain plan. He lets his pen, pencil or brush wander lightly and randomly—until he begins to recognize forms. Then, using the pen or brush in the same manner, he develops the forms into the finished work. Earle uses color in the same way, whether watercolor, pastel, conté, charcoal or colored pencils.

Some of Earle's art is purely whimsical, intended only to please the eye or pique the viewer's imagination. Other art is intended to tell a story (real or imagined) or remind the viewer of a place or event. But because the source for Earle's inspiration is usually his own imagination, the viewer is often left wondering... is this a real place? are these real flowers? are these real birds?

About Earle's Illustrated Children's Books

Earle's children's books have one simple objective... to stimulate learning. The stories view the world from the child's point-of-view, searching for knowledge through questions, conversations, imagination and humor. All of the stories are illustrated with Earle's colorful and often thought-provoking art.

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