About Earle Florence

Artist's Statement

I was born in Iowa and raised in Colorado and Iowa. I served in the military during the Korean War, married an angel and fought the formalities of a college education. Happily, I prevailed and became a licensed architect, owned several firms, and traveled extensively with my wife.

I have two children and three grandchildren (to date), all of whom have contributed to my understanding... and my work. My personal adventures have been rich and rewarding as I am insatiably curious and observant.

Now I make my home in Arizona, where I concentrate on my art and my love for storytelling.

My Experience

I am, I can say quite candidly, “self-taught.” I do not recommend that any young person take this route (if possible), because the route is longer and much of the richness might be lost. However, it is the way for many of us.

I can say firmly that there is no excuse for simply glancing at life, regardless of your your chosen path and the brilliance of your mentors.

My Work

I am an Artist, blessed with a long life. I draw, paint, and write as though I must.

I am an Architect, blessed with many adventures and a good memory—which stores and sorts my observations and perceptions.

Noble Questions are my focus; questions that we ask throughout our lives; questions that demand respect; questions that are important to us throughout our lives.

What am I Producing?

Books for children and those with childlike curiosity. Colorfully and carefully drawn illustrations that must enrich my words—or fail.

Fine Art (independent from the books) that expresses how I see beauty; and, sometimes, how I see unfairness and tragedy.

Illustrated Works that express the exquisite nature of life with words and drawings.

Architecture: after nearly fifty years in the profession, I design only custom projects.

Earle and his alter ego
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