Children's Books

The Child—Our Greatest Treasure


Earle's stories are about children and their adventures—about how children observe with open, innocent minds. The stories are written for children and those with childlike curiosity.

Children will learn to learn from their adventures and observations if mature minds pay respect to their questions. Curiosity and discovery assist every child into tomorrow, and we must be there for them as long as we are alive.

Although the children's books are not available through this Web site at the present time; a number of the books are described below. For more information, please contact Earle Florence by E-mail.

Thoughts of a Silly Kid

A child's experience with science.

A boy awakens to the early morning rays of the sun—announcing a new day and an opportunity for new adventures. Once outside, alone, he wonders and questions how things work. And, he "stores up" a memory bag of questions to ask.

Although he doesn't realize it, he will use Questions all of his Life—to learn.

Silly Kid

Noble Questions

Noble Questions

Reasonable conversations between an old man and a young boy. A series of 16 or so brief conversations, structured around questions.

Each adventure pits the agility and curiosity of the young boy against the experience and wisdom of the old man.

Backyard Safari

A brother and sister decide to “sleep-out” in their backyard. This eventually leads to their “safari”—and their reporting the adventures.


The Special Place

I'm a Solo... You're a Symphony

A sister and her visiting cousin discuss why they each are certain of things—only to learn they might be half right.

The Summit Meetings

An adventure describing “confrontations” and their rewards and doubts...

The child finds out he/she must know a lot about the person he/she encounters.

Natural Confrontation

Why Not?

What is an Architect?

A young boy imagines a tent-house—and proceeds to learn how to build one

Wishing... I could be a Designer

To exist well in the creative design profession, one must learn much, have many adventures, and trust one's imagination.


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